"The day we accept, what happened to us actually happened for us is the day we graduate from surviving as Victims of life to thriving as Victors of life. " - Troy


Troy Byer is a best-selling published author. She's certified in industrial-organizational. She holds a Bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a Master's degree in eco, liberation, and community psychology, and recently completed a doctorate in clinical psychology with a current ABD status.

Troy has coached and led workshops for thousands of people worldwide, including working as a transformational seminar leader on behalf of one of the world's largest organizations, focusing on personal and professional growth and development. Troy's books "Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Happiness After Heartbreak" and "How To Be A Powerfully Responsible Bitch" topped Amazon's best-seller list.  Troy has worked with convicted women assigned to her anger management program and leads life-altering workshops as a certified HeartMath trainer.

Troy spent a good deal of her life as an actress and director, appearing on Sesame Street at age 4, had a starring role in the television show Dynasty in the 1980s, and wrote and direct films for major Hollywood Studios such as Warner Brothers and Lionsgate. Troy exchanged her career in show business for her true passion- teaching others how to identify and shift their limited and isolating beliefs.

On a personal note, Troy is a single mother and the bi-racial daughter of a black mother and a white father.  Troy has an inspirational story to tell about surviving and being the victor of child abuse, child abandonment, molestation, juvie hall, and the foster care system.

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