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Depth Psychologist Troy Byer has traveled a road paved with the pain caused from heartbreak.  Over the years she has endured parental abandonment, the suicide of her cousin, the mysterious death of her best friend since childhood, infidelity and divorce.  Understanding the feelings of pain and powerlessness associated with heartbreak...


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"I Really Hate My Ex"

LionsGate DVD/Digital distribution of "I Really Hate My Ex," written and directed by Troy Byer, in the Spring 2015

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Heartbreak Recovery WEBINAR

Purchase a copy of Ex-Free the book and join Troy's free Heartbreak Recovery Counseling Session webinar,

January 31, 2015 12pm-3pm(PST)

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Huffington Post: You Do You

During my teen years, I had no idea who I would be or even who I wanted to be in the domain of romantic relationships...

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